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About Our Brands

We’re committed to expanding our impact through the acquisition of companies who share our passion for industry-leading customer service and high-quality products. See below for information on each of the businesses that we’re proud to call part of the ICI brand.

Some Honey was born in southwestern Wisconsin, where conserving one’s land is the way of life. While Some Honey’s team and products have evolved since our origin, our dedication to our customers and to our local land has not changed. We continue to provide a delicious and wholesome product that will enhance the well-being of both our consumers and our environment.

The origins of Pure Sweet Honey buzz back to beekeeping and vertically integrated honey harvesting. Since the beginning, we’ve appreciated the integral role bees play in our environment and the tireless efforts they put into producing delicious wholesale and bulk honey. More than 30 years later, we carry on these same admirations.

We supply all types and grades of liquid honey, maple syrup, and molasses including conventional and organic. Contact us for answers to your honey questions.

From our 32,000 square foot warehouse in Miami, Salco Salt is a food grade and water conditioning salt distributor. We carry most types of food grade salt including sea salt, pink Himalayan, pretzel salt and kosher salt. Salco also stocks Florida cane sugar, dextrose, citric acid sodium citrate and soy protein.
Our water conditioning salt includes coarse solar, pellet solar and potassium chloride pellets. We also provide non-hazardous chemicals that are used in pools, construction, filtration, well drilling, sanitation and other uses, including cyanuric acid, calcium chloride, diatomaceous earth, sodium bicarbonate and soda ash light.

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AV Gums, LLC supplies quality food ingredients to the US and Latin American markets. We specialize in Food Grade Guar Gum, Mono- and Diglycerides, and custom dried ingredient blends. Ingredients sold by AV Gums are recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

From sourcing raw materials to working closely with our affiliated and contracted manufacturing facilities, we ensure only the best quality ingredients make it to you, our customer. This means that AV Gums can provide custom dry ingredient blends tailored to your specifications.

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